• Back Again

    Back Again

    It occurs to me that any of you who might live nearby, the location of this show will be on Main Street, Danbury CT. It runs from 12-6pm on June 4, 2022. I don’t know where exactly along the festival I’ll be, but I’ll let you know. Getting down to the wire, and I’m going…

  • See you soon!

    See you soon!

    Once again, I’m going to disappear for a while, once again, getting ready for a show. This works out well, because I’m stuck for an idea. Actually, instead of stuck because I have no ideas, I actually have too many ideas!

  • Horsing Around

    Horsing Around

    Well, the dog didn’t make the cut. Instead, I decided to go with a horse. Here’s the first sketch: It suddenly dawned on me, that combining an interesting animal with a peaceful landscape not impossible. It’s closer to my sample than a dog in an interior.. I’ll probably put the good old German Shepherd in…

  • Work It!

    Work It!

    Still working out this art show thing. I’m playing around with different ideas, and one of the ideas is, yes……a dog. German Shepherd to be exact. Forgive the sketchiness, but after all , it is a sketch. My sketches never seem to look as good online as they do in person. But a dog is…

  • In the Year of the Tiger

    In the Year of the Tiger

    Once again, we’ve come to my birthday. Everybody always say “You’re a St. Patrick’s Day baby”. Recently, though, I’ve been telling people that I’m a St. Gertrude’s Day baby. It’s especially relevant in the Year of the Tiger. Cats. And people. https://www.facebook.com/events/541677760467486/ And a horse. I’m working on a lot of small pictures right now,…

  • Experiment #1

    Experiment #1

    Okay, when the going gets rough, I do do cute. This is a representational subject with abstract elements. And it’s cute. So, I’d say as a drawing , it’s moderately successful. What got me, is finding a title. By The Lake? I decided on simply “Gaggle”. It’s short, elegant, and to the point. So, as…

  • Drawing From the Crypt

    Drawing From the Crypt

    I’m putting together another video for the art show I’ve been accepted into. Remember this? It’s going to be in the Rockland County art show. It’s a virtual show. I used to turn my nose up at the idea of a virtual show, but that’s changed. Times have changed. Not to mention, I actually sold…

  • Well, It  !!!WAS!!! SUnny earlier

    Well, It !!!WAS!!! SUnny earlier

    Right now, this is the view from my living room window. As the title says “It WAS Sunny Earlier. And earlier, I decided to do a drawing of a rhododendron. No, not precisely. I signed up to do a pop-up show in downtown Danbury, and doing a mad dash to make as many notecards for…

  • Come Bobbing Along, Already!

    Come Bobbing Along, Already!

    I have a friend who visits from Thailand every couple of years.   He’ll be here in March, and I was starting to make plans……………and he said, “Well that’s two months away”.   I really thought it was right around the corner.  Thanks for nothing, James! As I said last post, I was going to work on…

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