Back Again

It occurs to me that any of you who might live nearby, the location of this show will be on Main Street, Danbury CT. It runs from 12-6pm on June 4, 2022. I don’t know where exactly along the festival I’ll be, but I’ll let you know.

Getting down to the wire, and I’m going over my options of what drawings I will put up. Of course, what that boils down to, is saying one picture is good, another one not good enough. At this stage, my insecurity steps in and says, “EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”. I think every creative has times like these, and this is one of those times like these.

So, what I’m posting are the drawings that made the cut. I’m not putting up anything new here, but if you have a favorite, you can cheer!

What would this be without a cat drawing?

As I’m putting together the setup, I’m grateful to my dear friends and my partner for their help. I’m also realizing, if I am to travel to do these, I’m going to have to rent a U-Haul, on top of entry fees, insurance, incidentals. If that gets to be the case, I’m actually going to have to make money! If I don’t get out there, though, I’m sure not to make money. The usual conundrum.

That’s the line-up, although I might put something else in.

Now I have to wrap the framed drawing for protection, pack them, figure out titles for them, (no, I don’t plan on naming them “Untitled”).

So, folks, we’re nearing the end. Or at least the end of the beginning.

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