Experiment #1

Okay, when the going gets rough, I do do cute.

This is a representational subject with abstract elements. And it’s cute.

So, I’d say as a drawing , it’s moderately successful. What got me, is finding a title. By The Lake? I decided on simply “Gaggle”. It’s short, elegant, and to the point.

So, as I start gathering ideas and material for the art show I’m going to do in April, well, I’m falling off the wagon a little. Keeping up with my artwork is taking a backseat to this show. So, for that matter, are my efforts to lose weight. Hmmm

So, next is doing an abstract with a little representational context:

As you can see, I do a lot of them. But for this project, I’m not decided on the subject.

It might involve a cat. Maybe not. After all it’s nearly St. Gertrude’s Day and my birthday, which calls on for a cat. I have an idea, but I may save it for the art show.

I’m anything but decisive.

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