Drawing From the Crypt

I’m putting together another video for the art show I’ve been accepted into. Remember this?

It’s going to be in the Rockland County art show. It’s a virtual show. I used to turn my nose up at the idea of a virtual show, but that’s changed. Times have changed. Not to mention, I actually sold something at one!

The video involved the inspiration for the above drawing. The inspiration involved finding an older drawing, whose whereabouts I had no clue.

"Gallery M55"

The drawing’s name is “Threshold. This is also me standing by it at an art show. It was an over 100 degree day and the air conditioning in the gallery didn’t work. Oh, what a night!

So, in searching this drawing out, I found some old work of mine that I thought had gone interdimensional forever. So, sharing…..

This drawing is “Em’s Door”. I drew it based on door in Oregon. I had taken Amtrak from New York to Seattle, went to Portland, and back again. Kind of fun. I’ll tell you about it some time, but not right now.

I’m starting to write a book “Portrait of the Artist as an Old Crone”, or “How to Be an Unsuccessful Artist”.

I thought this drawing was great. I still think it’s pretty good.

As I was making my home in a new town, I thought join the local art society, and enter the juried show. This drawing was rejected. Not only was I out the jury fee, but also had to spend 2 hours gallery sitting. Looking at the other work, I was just wondering, why, why, why???

One lesson from the book I am sort of, kind of writing. Don’t enter a juried show unless you have researched it first. Your work may be a completely wrong fit for the show. However, sometimes, local shows are hard to get into, because there might be a clique type thing going on.

A random still life.

A random nocturne. The red sky? It came from light pollution in Queens.

This actually sold many years ago. The owner of it died, and his family gave it back to me.

If you look at it not so closely, you can see the background is graying, much like my hair. Here’s another tip for artists: acid free paper is not the same as archival paper. So, I found out.

That’s enough of a trip down memory lane, for now.

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