About Roxanne Baldwin

I am the daughter of two commercial artists, and started drawing at an early age. My first teacher was my mother, whom I’d frequently ask how to draw things. I remember, for example, having her demonstrate how to make a kitten look young, as a opposed to adult like a cat.

I decided to pursue art as a profession when I turned sixteen. Interestingly enough, it was not a piece of art that influenced me to this decision, it was music. I realized how powerful the non-verbal was on a person’s emotions, and I wanted to do something like that. Since I knew I had no talent for music, but knowledge of art, instead, I decided I would make art my medium of non-verbal expression.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend a formal art college. Most of my education came from a professional portrait artist, Freda Dreany of Stamford, Connecticut. One of my first jobs was creating portraits of customers in a mall in Stamford (where I was living). I’ve done countless quick sketch portraits, and still do. I worked mostly in pastel to do those portraits.

Eventually, when I lived on my own, space was at a premium, and I started working in colored pencil. It was while doing this that I discovered I really enjoy drawing over painting, and when the time came when I could paint again, I opted to stay with colored pencil. I also had developed techniques with the pencil which I wanted to continue to explore.

I became very interested in the unseen of what is around us, both the spiritual, and the scientific. I read books about quantum physics and was interested in the comparisons to the metaphysical. I became a Reiki Master. I read books on Jung. All of this influenced my way of looking at the world, and therefore, my art.

I would feel pulled to certain images I saw in the world around me. It occurred to me, that whatever drew me, might draw other people, so I pursued these images. I think in terms of modern archetypes, feeling that what affects me strongly are images of the Collective Unconscious brought up to date for modern times.
I have worked in retail jobs to support my art, and also as a cat sitter (I love cats). My work has been in exhibits and juried shows. Some of my work is in collections, and I’ve done commissions.
Presently, I live in Danbury, Connecticut with my boyfriend of several years, and my cat, Pumpkin

Roxanne (Roxy) Baldwin



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