Work It!

Still working out this art show thing. I’m playing around with different ideas, and one of the ideas is, yes……a dog. German Shepherd to be exact.

Forgive the sketchiness, but after all , it is a sketch. My sketches never seem to look as good online as they do in person.

But a dog is something I haven’t drawn very often.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful animals, and ones that I have come to appreciate more.

This one I did for a friend. Never sent it to her, because I thought the dog had a fierce look to it. Now, I see it almost has a smile. She’s a German Shepherd, do you see a trend here?

Of course, getting back to the drawing, I was thinking of posing the German Shepherd in cluttered, interesting interior, like the drawing above….one problem, though.

Geesh! I should really trim this better. Nothing says “landscape”, as much as masking tape peaking from the sides.

If you can ignore the tape, I’ll explain. This is the drawing I put in for my entry into the show. Also, it’s in the advertisement. Is it false advertising to not draw something like it?

Probably not, in which case, I’ll definitely draw the dog.

Unless I change my mind.

4 responses to “Work It!”

  1. Very nice art…keep it up ..good luck…

    Hope u like my article as well..

      1. You’re welcome

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