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I’ve Gone Abstract!

I pushed them aside, thinking, that’s not me, they’re gimmicks. Old stick in the mud me.

Years ago, while I was working on my subjective art, every so often, an idea would come to me for an abstract piece, a conceptual piece or wildly ,well,wild ideas.

I wonder at times if I followed that path, would the art would welcome me with open arms. So I’m going to try it!

I’m going abstract!


The Subject Is Titles

I haven’t done much abstract art. When I do, though, I don’t label it “Untitled “.

Can you imagine this being entitled “Untitled “? I’d probably be asking, “Can’t you give me a clue?”.

But you don’t have to ask, it’s called “Guardian Angel”.

Not to be confused by this:


Okay, I don’t play games. If I want to say something visually to you, I want you to understand what it is.

This has a title, too. I swear! Damned if I can remember what it is.

And this has a title, too!

I think the title is “Foliage “, but I’m not sure.

My question is, how do you not title something?

When I am drawing, and thinking about what I am drawing…my mind wanders. I come up with all sorts of things sometimes amusing, sometimes amusing but inappropriate, but always something. They all make good titles, and I use the one I like the best.

C’mon, if you don’t title it, you’re missing half the fun!

A Creative Life, Told in Pictures

Or, my flirtation with abstraction.

Long ago, I feel in love with reality.  Hard to explain that, right?  I don’t go much for fantasy movies, or fiction for that matter.  Give me a good, non-fiction book on modern physics or psychology, and I’m happy.

So, when it came to art, I liked to portray things that were real, with maybe a bit of flair to them, but real.

Then I became really involved in drawing, it became my own kind of picture puzzle..how do I manipulate line, shadow, shapes and colors on a piece of paper so it looks like a real object?

Did that for a while, then my interest in interpreting reality with designs and patterns came back.  I started doing intense combinations of drawing and designs.

Then I became bored and frustrated.  My career wasn’t going anywhere, and I felt I had run out of passion for the pictures I was drawing.  So, I put away my pencils and swore never, never would I do any artwork again.  Or so I said.

After something like 10 years, I realized something was missing in my life.  I started to experiment with abstract.  I thought about just getting lost in the process, as I did in my good days of drawing…but without the stress of having to get it right.  So, first I did abstracts in colored pencils.

So, then came the thought…what if I did this with sparkles and glitter?  And so I did the Namaste series:

Then I fell back into love with reality, with a flair of course.  That’s when this blog began.  

So, once again, I feel I’ve run out of energy and inspiration.  The fun has gone out of the drawings and they look realistic.  I’m bored as freaking heck.

However, I still need something creative, or else I get the bends.  It worked once before, so I’ll try it again.  Abstraction.

So, I’ve just done this.  It was fun!  Just what I needed again…however, I know I’ll get bored doing this in a little while.  Because, I love reality, and the challenge it offers.

Even now, I look at the trees and the beautiful late summer evening light.  They’d make beautiful drawings, but when I contemplate doing that work, it just seems tedious and labored.  No fun.  If you’re not having fun doing artwork, in my book, what’s the point? I have the leisure of being able to take off and do something different, and so I will.

There is Nothing You Can Name, That is Anything Like the Flu

Greetings, friends…

Facebook is letting me know that I’m letting my followers down.  Sorry about that.  Truth is, I’ve had the flu!  It’s hard to concentrate on drawing, art, and making sense of things in general, when you’re coughing your throat up, and your sinuses are as clogged as The Long Island Expressway at rush hour.

Not to mention, that the almighty dollar has been elusive these days.  I’ve been job hunting, too.

So, here’s a drawing of my flu, with fever:


And here’s the logjam on the job hunt:


Now you have it!  An interpretive illustration of my past week.  Better days coming.

Zentangles…Or, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

A while ago, I talked about coloring as a type of meditation.  Then I remembered, there’s another art based one..zentangles.  While we were browsing at Michael’s, there were books on it featured.  In case you never heard of it, this is the website:  Zentangle

In short, it’s a type of doodling that incorporates mindfulness.  Sort of like my hooky-doos.  You don’t know what I mean by hooky-doo?  Here’s a couple of examples.




Those are abstracts..again from the Namaste series.  Here’s an example of Hooky-doos in my representational work.



Anyway, Zentangles became a thing…so, why didn’t I think of that.  Not too late, maybe I’ll start marketing my hooky-doos as Koan-Go-Rounds.  Let’s not forget the mindfulness aspect.

Speaking of Zentangles, this is an excellent segway into a work-in-progress detail of my current project.  Foliage again …so much foliage.  This shows, much like zentangles, the mindful doodling I do, when I’m drawing.  So, a sneak peek:


It’s about the process, not the product…….or something like that

So, here’s the sketch…another with the theme of making peace with winter.  I finally did the skeleton of the sycamore’s pale branches against an bright blue sky.  Voila (sorry, I’m working for a French company, it sneaks into my vocabulary now and then).


So, now the promised topic………

Every so often, art work is done that is labeled “It’s about the process, not the product”.  Such a philosophy has ended up in some excellent abstract art….and also some really bad abstract art.  Just check out the Craigslist artist section in your local community, you’ll find plenty of examples there.

So, once when I was burned out as hell doing my usual……..I decided to do art about the process.  The result was my “Love it or hate it” Namaste series:




I was very proud of myself…..until I went to the art reception of an acquaintance, a mixed media show.  There a  young woman, just barely out of high school, effused enthusiastically how the work in the show was “About the process, not the product”.  I nearly spit out my bad Chardonnay!  I had fallen into a cliche, artspeak trap.  I hung my head in shame.

So, back to representational art.  I enjoy doing it anyway, the ability to use symbolism, and the fact that people can bring their own emotions and associations to it.  But damn, it can be tiring.  Art for the process is like fingerpainting, joyous and messy.

But…I found the best of both worlds.  I found I could do representational art, with areas that just flowed with the process (another, more esoteric term for this is doodling).  It worked in, for instance, “Tiger in the Jungle”.  I just played with the leaves and had fun.


So, I’m going to do this sycamore picture going with the flow…..and see where it takes me.

If an artist draws in the forest, and there’s nobody to see, is it art?

Work is coming along on “Floral Overload”.  Right now, there’s not enough further progress to show a work-in-progress.  Nothing new to show, so I’ll show something old.


Something very old…from high school.  I eventually did a very large version as a mural for the school I attended.

Truth is, I’m feeling stuck.  I need to shake things up a bit.  So, I’m looking for a place in the Greater New York City Area to have an art show.  No, I don’t want to pay a big fee upfront, but  a small fee is fine.  Or a commission.  If anyone knows a place…. contact me.

Also going back to doing good with my work….I have accomplished some.  But I realize, I’m still too selfish to just give my art away with no return.  I have a tarnished halo.  Anyway, my work would be very nice in a setting where people would be cheered up.  I’m willing to donate work to such a cause if I get some publicity.

So any ideas or suggesti0ns out there…..