A Corner on the Market

I’m not one into doing WIPs, since I don’t think they’re of any interest to anyone but me. The one above, however, had an abstract effect, so I added it anyway. It’s actually just the corner, and I have a long way to go.

What came to mind as I did that, is what about my other drawings? Surely, there must be masterpieces in the corners of my other work. Pieces of brilliance wrapped up in other brilliance. Thus, I set out to find a diamond mine in my old work.

This for instance:

Can’t you just see it? A colorful artwork on a very dull, uninteresting modern wall. For that matter, I can see that as a patterned wall paper. Do decorators use patterned wall paper anymore? Or would this make a person so dizzy that they heave their gourmet lunch?

The original is this:

Or this one, for that matter:

Can’t you just see this as a painting on a impressionistic themed bedroom wall? Or for that matter, I can see this as a print on a fabric. It would go well as a T-Shirt! Or a sweatshirt! Or an evening gown! Ah, no, not really.

This is the original.

And then, there’s this!

Maybe you can still tell these are bicycle wheels. That’s one of the reasons I did this drawing. Bicycles are abstract and representational at the same time. Of course, that’s true of any representational subject, it can be abstract at the same time.

The original, of which I am very fond, because it actually sold! That’s a rarity in my art career. Or maybe career is the wrong word.

There’s also this! An oldie but goodie, as DJ’s used to say.

Kind of a weird, scratchy colorful abstract. If I were to name it, I’d name it just that. A Weird, Scratchy Colorful Drawing.

Here’s the original, one of my old time favorites:

Who knows? Maybe there’s a future for me in abstract drawings. Or, for that matter, expressive sculpture:

The world is my oyster.

To see more of my work, go to:

Roxanne Baldwin Gallery


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