One day,, two little abstracts later, and I’m already bored.

I remember an art class in 5th grade. We were given a lot of sticks, told to drop the sticks anywhere the cardboard we were given, have fun don’t make anything.

While the other students were making abstracts worthy of Jackson Pollack, I decided to make shapes of fireworks. I got a D. I took that D proudly. I did the artwork I wanted to make.

I like context, it’s what interests me, even if it includes some abstract elements.

However, I did come across a photo in my phone’s gallery that would make a good drawing, except……

It’s beautiful, but cute. I don’t do cute.

So, what it comes down to is this. I like to do beautiful, but interesting. So, either I can do the geese, but find away to make them interesting in an abstract context….

Or I can do an abstract, with a touch of a representative subject, to give it context.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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