Getting Back in the Swing!

I’ve been out of the art scene for a while now, except for note cards. Finally, finally, finally, I did an full-sized original piece. It seems behind a bit of skill of my usual pieces, but then, I guess it’ll take some time to get back to speed.

It’s snowing here, most snow we’ve had all season. It’s making me groggy and dull brained.

So, back to saying no……

I love this guy. He gives talks on art business in a very entertaining fashion. I’ve learned a lot from him.

One thing he said in one of his videos, is that if you want to make art that sells, research on gallery sites what is selling and make it your own.

Oh, no.

I don’t see anything online like my art, that sells, or at least to any quantity to make a living.

I see no abstracts like mine, and from what I can tell, splashy abstracts are very successful.

I see a lot of seascapes and landscapes, but none like mine.

I see still lives, but , oh you know by now.

So, I guess I’m doomed to create the art I want to create, and only sell a piece once in a while. Hey, now that I mention it! That seems pretty good to me.

So, I’m a happy camper.

To see more of my work go to:

2 responses to “Getting Back in the Swing!”

  1. I was dreaming about you and Rich last night – guess it’s because you have a birthday coming! Well I love your art! For the many years I’ve known you it has evolved to an incredible degree! As they say, stay true to yourself! Glad you’re doing better these days! Hope to see you next month! And happy birthday!

    1. Thanks so much, Rosemary! I hope we get to see you soon

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