Okay, you’ve seen this before. And, here it is, again! You might be wondering why I’m posting old artwork. There’s a reason. Here it is:

I’m stuck. I’m in an artistic traffic jam, when there is a stalled car up ahead, and you’re hours behind it in a stopped highway. And then, the police try to get through.

So, one of my efforts to get unblocked was to do a drawing from the past which I felt I could improve on. So, “Tiger in the Jungle” was my choice. It’s partly because I donated the drawing to a charity, thinking somehow it would help improve the world.

Didn’t work.

So, I’ve decided to do some abstract for a while. I’m just going to see where the colored pencil leads me, and enjoy that. I did that in the past.

I also dove into doing acrylic abstracts, with glitter and jewels on them.

Eventually, I got really bored with that. I was getting excited about going back to my usual work. It will work that way again, I’m sure.

First drawing out of the abyss was “Embracing My Inner Cat”. Stay tuned for the rest of this block’s ending.

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