A Creative Life, Told in Pictures

Or, my flirtation with abstraction.

Long ago, I feel in love with reality.  Hard to explain that, right?  I don’t go much for fantasy movies, or fiction for that matter.  Give me a good, non-fiction book on modern physics or psychology, and I’m happy.

So, when it came to art, I liked to portray things that were real, with maybe a bit of flair to them, but real.

Then I became really involved in drawing, it became my own kind of picture puzzle..how do I manipulate line, shadow, shapes and colors on a piece of paper so it looks like a real object?

Did that for a while, then my interest in interpreting reality with designs and patterns came back.  I started doing intense combinations of drawing and designs.

Then I became bored and frustrated.  My career wasn’t going anywhere, and I felt I had run out of passion for the pictures I was drawing.  So, I put away my pencils and swore never, never would I do any artwork again.  Or so I said.

After something like 10 years, I realized something was missing in my life.  I started to experiment with abstract.  I thought about just getting lost in the process, as I did in my good days of drawing…but without the stress of having to get it right.  So, first I did abstracts in colored pencils.

So, then came the thought…what if I did this with sparkles and glitter?  And so I did the Namaste series:

Then I fell back into love with reality, with a flair of course.  That’s when this blog began.  

So, once again, I feel I’ve run out of energy and inspiration.  The fun has gone out of the drawings and they look realistic.  I’m bored as freaking heck.

However, I still need something creative, or else I get the bends.  It worked once before, so I’ll try it again.  Abstraction.

So, I’ve just done this.  It was fun!  Just what I needed again…however, I know I’ll get bored doing this in a little while.  Because, I love reality, and the challenge it offers.

Even now, I look at the trees and the beautiful late summer evening light.  They’d make beautiful drawings, but when I contemplate doing that work, it just seems tedious and labored.  No fun.  If you’re not having fun doing artwork, in my book, what’s the point? I have the leisure of being able to take off and do something different, and so I will.

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