• Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Rain, Rain, Go Away

    I finished the drawing, “April Raincloud”. I’m disappointed in it, not the trees, but the rain itself. It came out muddy. Of course rain is muddy and messy, but this didn’t quite reach the balance of beauty/ugliness that I intended. So, onward. Frankly, I’m getting tired of trees and landscapes. I feel like doing something…

  • This Is Going to Be a Doozy

    This Is Going to Be a Doozy

    Does Nature ever give you a gift? One special moment, one glimpse of sublime beauty that will last forever? Or God, or Universe, or Krishna etc.? I had one such moment as I was getting ready to do this particular drawing, of this particular tree: It was a honeybee, gathering nectar from a maple tree…

  • One Step at a Time

    One Step at a Time

    I’ve always been able to find inspiration for artwork within a couple of blocks of where I live. That was true in NYC, too. For instance: A couple of doors down from me. Finding so much inspiration is something I’m pretty proud of. Perhaps it’s silly, but there it is. Same with the tree I…

  • Springtime Sonata, or Something Like That

    Springtime Sonata, or Something Like That

    I’m a little groggy this morning, the rain and gray weather is affecting me. At 5 foot nothing, a lot of people would say I’m a little anything. I proudly announce my diminutive stature, because I realize at this point, there’s no reason to do anything else. Anyway, I digress. This is a blog about…

  • Boomer, Retire!

    Boomer, Retire!

    Well, why don’t I? Surely I’m at the age where I should be sipping white wine on a European beach somewhere. So, why don’t I? Well, stayed tuned, here’s the answer. You read so many accounts about people’s regrets when they are on their deathbeds…….mostly they say they wish they had spent more time with…

  • You Have No Idea!

    You Have No Idea!

    I finished this a while ago: “Storm Brewing”. Yes, that’s some kind of canine howling at the clouds. It is the start of my cloud series. Since I don’t have any other idea for a cloud drawing, it’s also the end of my cloud series. My next idea is that of a haunted, no really…

  • A Day in my Life….

    A Day in my Life….

    WordPress has been doing a new thing. It has a post of a question, which I imagine is is to trigger bloggers with ideas. Today’s question is, to paraphrase, what is your first hour awake like? What does the beginning of your day? Ok, honestly, if I were to answer that : I make and…

  • It’s spring!

    It’s spring!

    Yes, it’s spring. I haven’t had a chance to do any new work. I thought I’d take you on a stroll of early spring in years past. We’re waiting for a visit from our landlord to fix the leaky kitchen sink. That’s it for now. To see more of my work, go to http://roxannebaldwingallery.com

  • Sitting Here Resting My Bones

    Sitting Here Resting My Bones

    As I’ve mentioned, probably ad nauseum, that I am recovering from knee surgery. Which, as I also said, is getting in the way of artwork. Yet, I’m being told to have a successful blog, you must write a post every week, preferably more often. I have no new work. So where does that leave me?…

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