This Is Going to Be a Doozy

Does Nature ever give you a gift? One special moment, one glimpse of sublime beauty that will last forever? Or God, or Universe, or Krishna etc.?

I had one such moment as I was getting ready to do this particular drawing, of this particular tree:

It was a honeybee, gathering nectar from a maple tree flower. It happened so fast, and then it was gone. Nothing to do with art, really, but I just thought it was something nice to share.

As for art, I started looking at the drawing I’m doing, I realize, it’s going to be a heck of a lot of work.

As this one is, done a long time ago.

Kind of makes me think of other drawing that I sweated blood and tears over.

This was the worst of all time. As a friend said, I was bitching about flowers.

Some of these go way, way back.

New York Skyline

As when I lived in NYC. Did I really? Seems unreal now. All of my younger life, I dreamed of living in NYC. I did! Finally! For twenty years. I really had a dream come true!

So, time to roll my sleeves up, and get to work on the Herculean task ahead of me.

See more of my work at:

Roxanne Baldwin Gallery

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