You Have No Idea!

I finished this a while ago: “Storm Brewing”.

Yes, that’s some kind of canine howling at the clouds.

It is the start of my cloud series. Since I don’t have any other idea for a cloud drawing, it’s also the end of my cloud series.

My next idea is that of a haunted, no really derelict house. This one fell a little short of what I had in mind. I don’t think I posted it, but here it is now.

So, I don’t tend to be good at working in series. I’ll do one, and then, five drawings later, I’ll have an idea for another one. I don’t think that counts.

Then there are frustrating attempts. A good friend posted a drawing of a crumbling Victorian mansion. I downloaded it, and lost it. I had also taken a picture of a neighborhood derelict house, but search and search, I can’t find it either.

So, I guess hike up my big girl panties, and just to keep working, go back to drawing spring landscapes. They’re happy and fun, anyway.

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