Rain, Rain, Go Away

I finished the drawing, “April Raincloud”. I’m disappointed in it, not the trees, but the rain itself. It came out muddy. Of course rain is muddy and messy, but this didn’t quite reach the balance of beauty/ugliness that I intended.

So, onward. Frankly, I’m getting tired of trees and landscapes. I feel like doing something new, something I can stick my dentures into. I have an idea….

The universal, ubiquitous, frustrating car.

Sure there are car artists. They work in great detail, making even the highlight in the chrome with an oh, so perfect stroke of the brush. That’s not me.

The only car I’ve done so far, is “Out to Pasture”:

An old car has character. I’m not sure how to work character into a recent Toyota Camry, or even a 2011 Kia Soul. So, I’ll have to put some thought into it. It’s an assignment for myself, to get out of my comfort zone, as the cliché goes.

Just on another note, the car drawing my be the last big drawing I do for a while. I’m going to have the second knee replaced at the end of May. Standing up at my easel won’t be in the cards for about 6 weeks. So, I’ll be back to drawing note cards and greeting cards to keep my hand in things.

In a while, crocodile…….

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