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INto YOUR LIFE It Will Creep

I may not have that right….the 1960’s was a long time ago. The song was “What It’s Worth”, by the Buffalo Springfield. What “It” was, was paranoia. In my rewording…into your life it will creep is………….BOREDOM! A lot less sinister than paranoia, but they both can end up doing strange things. Like questionable art.

Once, at a job, along time ago, in a galaxy far away….no, not really, I’m talking about New York City, when I used to work there.

I was showing my artwork to a colleague, and suddenly this showed up:

My colleague looked at me quizzically and said, “Huh?”. I didn’t have any answer to that. I stilll don’t have any answer to it, and it haunts me to this day.

Just a little while ago, I showed you this drawing, thinking that this little sketch is as far as the drawing would go…..

Again, I got bored and couldn’t leave well enough alone. And again, I produced something that will haunt me to days in the future.

I’m going back into my hermit hole, and think about things for a while.

As I Said……

Chairs represent people, too.

The featured painting, of course, is not created by me. If you’re reading my blog, you probably know this work of art is credited to Vincent Van Gogh. It’s a self portrait, illustrated by his chair.

I’ve done a few portraits that are chairs:

This is my former landlords chair. I look at this, I always think of him. Back in time, coming out of an artist’s slump, this was one of the first drawings I did.

My landlord would sit in this chair, a little bleary from having drunk a Michelob . There he’d watch the birds, the feral cats, and hear the sounds of children playing. This annoyed him no end. As you can guess, he was kind of a grumpy old fella.

A chair can also represent a cozy, comfy paradise, too. Yes, I did a series of paradise pictures, in more naïve times.

Also, this:

This is the drawing I just completed.

It’s a drawing of my partner’s mother, who passed away a few years ago, Death on a bright, spring day, always seems a little odd.

But, Dorothy wasn’t particularly fond of cats, I am. So, artist’s license.

I doubt I’ll do a full sized drawing of this. I’m pretty pleased with the little drawing, and don’t feel energetic about doing it over. So, there.


Dorothy’s Chair

6×4 inch lightfast colored pencil drawing on archival 100% cotton rag paper. It’s matted to 8×10 inches, for easy framing. Postage in the USA, is included in the price.



As are chairs:

But, back to bicycles, and the title of this.

Boomers will remember an old movie titled “Soylent Green “. Long story short, in a dystopian world, people are given something to eat, called Soylent Green. As it turns out, its made of recycled human remains. Thus, the cry “Soylent Green is People!” Very creepy movie.

So, I have come to the conclusion, in my work, bicycles stand for people, and people’s personalities.

Remember this picture from not too long ago?

It’s a little girl’s bike, that was cute as hell. Children’s bikes are adorable to me. That is, if children aren’t riding them around in the aisles of huge discount stores.

As a friend of mine put it “When you fall, you break something “.

Not the child’s fault, of course, but thoughtless parents.

I also wrote recently about how I look forward to January, and the end of the holidays. So, here’s the latest. “January Thaw”


The week between Christmas and New Years is a little surreal to me. It’s a regular week, but it’s not, it’s time in limbo. Real, but out of the ordinary, like files in the Cloud.

There have been better holiday weeks, than this in 2020. It’s been a rough year, for everyone. People are looking forward to the future, but quite honestly, I think people are looking quite longingly at the past.

So, this is a post about Winter Past

January 2nd

This is my favorite picture of winter. It’s the quiet time after Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Fesitvus, has passed. Even Greedfest,as a good friend used to call it.

I’m thinking of the past in New York City, the City that Never Sleeps, as it sleeps in winter.

We all have memories, both good and bad to look back on. I have faith, that as time passes, we will add to our good memories, even during these rough times.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

HOW Did that happen???

I started to explain how to blog to a friend of mine. I showed her this. When I did, I noticed that I haven’t posted since September 24, 2020. How the hell did that happen? What the hell was I doing all that time.

A friend of mine said on his answering machine message, that he was out to spread joy and chaos among the population. Yes. that’s what I’ve been doing.

I did a finish on “Grey Rainbow”. I had a lovely fable to go with it, here.

It was a bleak fable to go with a bleak picture. It was a bleak season, and 2020 has been a bleak year. Enough bleakness!

I changed my day job. It’s made a big difference.

20×16, colored pencil on rag paper

So, now it’s the holiday season! Bring it on! I’m sending out greeting cards, and wrapping gifts. I’m ready

Here,and there

I’m really enjoying doing these little drawings. For now, at least. Less in the way of time, expense and aggravation. Did I mention aggravation? Yes,I guess I did.


What keeps going around in my mind..

Are any of these worthy of the time and effort of large versions?

So far, I am going to keep going and stash these away as an animal saves food for the winter.

Grey Rainbow

Yes,winter is coming! Will the dull colors it always does. This time, im prepared!

But let’s make the most of fall,while we can.

Back to the Subject

Yup, and the subject was bicycles, not carousel horses. You can probably see the connection, though.

Yes, it’s a little teeny girl’s bike. I’m still fishing around for a title, just the way I had to fish around for a mat. Even my in residence color consultant was stumped. So, I chose this, thing the drawing might end up on the wall of a little girl’s room. Only vivid purple can hold up to that demand.

Also, I think it’s ready for the big time!

Teensy Weensy Bike

6x4 inch image, matted to 8x10. Lightfast colored pencil on archival 100% cotton rag paper. Shipping free in the USA.


GoodBYE, Roxyart; Hello Roxyart

This is to let you know, if you’ve been getting here via the URL, it will no longer get you here. Use, instead. was my first domain name, which I got in 1998. It has some sentimental value for me, so I hung onto it for a long time.

My first website was designed by a friend, who quickly thought of roxyart, as the domain.

That was back when I lived in Manhattan, and drew the picture above. That was when I still ❤ New York, and life was exciting. Computers were still exciting and having my own website? Just plain, wow.

Roxyart is the last memento from my life in NYC.

I was recently contacted by another artist named Roxy from the UK. Her name in Roxy Winterburn, who is an excellent artist. She gave me an offer for, and I took it. I’m not sure when the actual change will take place, but she will be using the domain for her site. I feel pretty good about it, it’s like seeing a puppy go to a good home.

It’s About Time!

So, I continued “I Like Trees”, I did another version, which I didn’t like as much. All that work, damn it!

And on top of it, I realized, it doesn’t have what it takes, to make the Big Time.

So, this, plus the original, small, “I Like Trees”, will be on display at the next live art fair I do. Whenever Covid-19 allows art fairs. I’m hoping next year. I’m not counting on it though.

Ah, the good old days, when my hand was tighter, and I could draw clouds like this:

So, what’s next? I thought about a carousel horse, but no, they’ve been done to death. Face it, they’re pretty, but not beautiful. I think I’ve done my horse drawings for now.

Along with cats, trees, and the occasional crow, there’s another subject, I can’t seem to get enough of.

Spring Cycles

5x7 inch drawing, matted to 8 x 10 inches. Lightfast colored pencil on archival , 100% cotton rag paper. Shipping included in the USA.