• Violated My Own Rule!

    Violated My Own Rule!

    Bob Ross always said, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. In my latest attempt, I was happy accidenting all over the place. My usual rule is: Don’t draw when you’re absorbed with other things. I violated my own rule. I do have an idea of how to salvage it, but not today. I do…

  • Back Again

    Back Again

    It occurs to me that any of you who might live nearby, the location of this show will be on Main Street, Danbury CT. It runs from 12-6pm on June 4, 2022. I don’t know where exactly along the festival I’ll be, but I’ll let you know. Getting down to the wire, and I’m going…

  • Out to Pasture

    Out to Pasture

    I’ve finished the classic car (sounds so much better than old carr) drawing.  You can see a detail above the title. Here it is in its entirety. It makes me think of what I’d like to do before, I’m too much of a Classic Woman, and go out to pasture myself. My dream is to…

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