No Idea

Here’s the finish, of, well, some drawing or other.

I don’t have a title for it.

Ever since that curator said my titles weren’t interesting, I’ve gotten a complex. I thought my titles were interesting!

So, what should I call this, that’s interesting?

“Dandelion Field with Tree”

“Tree with Dandelion Field”

“Maple in Bloom with Dandelions”

“Field of Dandelions Twinkling Like Stars in the Milky Way”. I have to admit, that’s original, but would be hard to fit on a title card in an exhibition.

I’ve had trouble with finding a title sometimes. You’d think, if you created an interesting drawing that would be enough. For instance:

I always had trouble with this one. I think at first I called it “Pigeon”. Then “Flying Bird”. Now, “In Flight”. I sort of wishI named it, “Flap Flap Flap”.

Some are easy:

“Max in the Morning”

“King of the Beasts”

I digress. I still haven’t come up with a good title for my most recent work.

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