• No Idea

    No Idea

    Here’s the finish, of, well, some drawing or other. I don’t have a title for it. Ever since that curator said my titles weren’t interesting, I’ve gotten a complex. I thought my titles were interesting! So, what should I call this, that’s interesting? “Dandelion Field with Tree” “Tree with Dandelion Field” “Maple in Bloom with…

  • The Subject Is Titles

    The Subject Is Titles

    I haven’t done much abstract art. When I do, though, I don’t label it “Untitled “. Can you imagine this being entitled “Untitled “? I’d probably be asking, “Can’t you give me a clue?”. But you don’t have to ask, it’s called “Guardian Angel”. Not to be confused by this: Okay, I don’t play games.…

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