A Day in my Life….

WordPress has been doing a new thing. It has a post of a question, which I imagine is is to trigger bloggers with ideas. Today’s question is, to paraphrase, what is your first hour awake like? What does the beginning of your day?

Ok, honestly, if I were to answer that : I make and drink coffee. I sit in a stupor, until I absorb enough caffeine to function. The drawing above is the chair I veg in, minus the cats.

So, I thought, what if I really did do a post on a day in my life? Life in Danbury. It’s a lot different than living in NYC. How do I make a day in a suburban city seem as exciting as a day in the Big Apple?

One thing, I look out the window a lot. What I see depends on the season, such as in summer, I see bike riders. Also, I see a lot of very boring cars.

Until my little sweetie Pumpkin died last year, he’d sit in the window. However when I wanted to look at my computer:

The rest of the day is uneventful, I eat:

I look out the window some more:

I draw. Funny how I don’t have a drawing of me drawing.

Then I look out the window again, ignoring the sirens that are more prevalent here than in New York City.

Then it gets to be nighttime.

Then I eat dinner and go to bed.

So much for the day in my life.

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