No. Simply No.

One thing I think most artists have, is a lot of well meaning people who give you their ideas and pictures., expecting splendid pieces of art. Nope.

The earliest experience of that was with my previous partner, the man above.

We were living in an inexpensive apartment, our only pets were 6 legged vermin. Lots of them. I always felt they should chip in for rent.

I would do artwork on my days off.

I was working on this, when my partner said, ” The reason you’re not a successful artist is that you have bad ideas. Tell you what, I’ll tell you what to draw, I have great ideas!”.

He had done a mural of a castle on a cloud with a path leading up to it.

Sometimes I wondered, was he right? Maybe his ideas were more popular than mine. Anyway. I told him no.

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