• Boomer, Retire!

    Boomer, Retire!

    Well, why don’t I? Surely I’m at the age where I should be sipping white wine on a European beach somewhere. So, why don’t I? Well, stayed tuned, here’s the answer. You read so many accounts about people’s regrets when they are on their deathbeds…….mostly they say they wish they had spent more time with…

  • No. Simply No.

    No. Simply No.

    One thing I think most artists have, is a lot of well meaning people who give you their ideas and pictures., expecting splendid pieces of art. Nope. The earliest experience of that was with my previous partner, the man above. We were living in an inexpensive apartment, our only pets were 6 legged vermin. Lots…

  • Leaving On a Jet Plane

    Leaving On a Jet Plane

    As I was drawing this, the song “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, kept going through my mind. For those to young to know it, it was written by John Denver, although many other musical artists covered it. Sadly, John Denver died in a small plane crash, in 1997. Maybe not a jet plane, but it…

  • Day is Done

    Day is Done

    It seems to be a new thing with me. I get tired, brain fried, and that seems to be the time I decide to write a blog post. Take from that what you will. This time I am reasonably well rested. The subject was trees,wasn’t it? Well,this is the newest one. It’s the complete version…

  • REserved!


    But something I have copyright on is my own work. So, here are some drawings of the sun shining through.

  • “I was dreaming when I wrote this…….”

    “I was dreaming when I wrote this…….”

    I have this recurring dream. I go into a gallery and Lo and Behold! My artwork is on display. The only catch is. the artwork is in my old style, which I abandoned long time ago.

  • Sheltering in place

    Sheltering in place

    So, what are you all doing in self quartine? Reading? Yes! Facetime? Yes! Video Games? Yes! Hobbies? Yes! Housework? Errr, um Surprise, I actually am doing housework, among other things. You see, I had scheduled this week off since January. A friend from overseas was going to be visiting. So. due to COVID-19, he wasn’t…

  • Throwing Away My Art Training

    As I start this drawing, I’m reminded of the words my teachers would say to me.  “Don’t draw every leaf.  Make a pattern of the light and shadow of the foliage, and just give a hint of texture”.  Okay, yes, that makes for wonderful landscapes.  However, what if I do want to draw every blessed…

  • And Suddenly….A Cat!

    After grumbling about the day job, and not getting enough time to draw….I finally got some quality time in with my paper and pencils.  So, I have started the drawing of Pumpkin. Cats are getting pretty easy for me, now.  I’ve gotten used to the structure of their fur, ears, paws and such.  So, somehow,…

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