Calm Down, Calm Down

We have a very sweet cat, named Pumpkin.

He’s calm most of the time, except when we’re late giving him his breakfast, or pet him to the point of annoyance. In those cases, he either gives you a nibble with his teeth, or a swat with his claws.

My boyfriend has some kind of magic, truly a “Cat Whisperer” All he has to do is say “Calm down”, in a gentle, but strong voice. “Calm down, calm down” to Pumpkin, and the cat just gets the idea, and settles back down.

Now why didn’t my boyfriend try that with me, yesterday, when I was worked up about the gallery rejections? Calm down, calm down. Oh, probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.

I realize that I only partially finished the drawing of the cat looking out the window at the sunrise. I worked some more on it, and the finished version is posted above.

So, it’s spring now, and time for self-reflection. Just what do I want? I realize I don’t need fame or fortune from my artwork, just a little money, and the freedom to do the artwork I like. The freedom is the most part.

What I would love to have is a little building to use as a studio and gallery. A place where I could have little open houses from now and then.

Now that I have a real view of what I want, it’s easier. I feel a lot less stress, already.

And of course, always a cat.

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