Last August….Redux

I’m working on the project for the college students.  Right now, the winged foal is on hold.  And the date for the Artisan Market is fast approaching.

Not sure if I’m going  to get the date of April 6th off at this point.  The day job, the day job, that damn…..schedule difficulties at this point.  I’ll get to the artisan market….just now sure when.

However, in preparation for it, I went through my large originals to get them ready to show.  And then I came across the drawing I worked on last summer: “The Scraggly Weed”.  It had a fable that went with it, and I put many hours into it, only at the last to put aside what I had worked on, describing it in such terms as “Something out of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’”.  I ended up with a tamer version, and I posted, last summer, this as the finish.




Then, the other day, I found the first one I finished, and put aside and cursed.  As often happens, I looked at it and thought, now, that ain’t so bad.  So, here is the first finished version of “Scraggly Weed”.



And a detail:


Now I’m not sure which one I like….and maybe the comparisin to Audrey II is an entirely appropriate description of the Butterfly Plant.


And so, I leave my quandry to you, gentle readers.

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