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But if I May Repeat Myself….

Coupla things…..

I went fulltime at my day job.  The idea was to have income while I worked on my art, and advanced my career.  As it turns out, the less spare time I have,the more I value it, the more I get things done. So, welcome me to the rat race my friends..

Also, I’m back in my old neighborhood where inspiration abounds.  Tenants moved into an apartment that had been vacant for years.  So, I looked out the window and saw this;




It’s a bit like “Louie’s Spot”, but then, artists do repeat themes.  So, I guess I can too.  After all, how many naked women did Picasso paint?



It also reminds me of “A Step Up”, which is somewhere in a back post under a retrospective of my failures.

Anyway,it’s just screaming vigniette.


Also, remember “Scraggly Weed”?  I was unhappy to see it cut down….but the stubborn plant is making a resurrection.




Also realizing that WordPress has changed things a lot.  Once again, I have to learn how to use it.  I don’t have a clue.




Sunnyside is not so sunny

Couldn’t live without the man I love, so I moved back in.  I live in a community called Sunnyside in Queens, NY.  A lot of the pictures I drew were objects in this little community.

But to my dismay, they’ve wrecked some of them.  Remember “My Brain off Drugs”?


jungle gym


The whole park, playground and all, has been bull-dozed.  Supposedly,they’re going to rebuild and make a better park.  They’re doing this just in time for the school children’s summer vacation, and in time for construction workers to get heat exhaustion.

I always saw kids using this jungle gym, what a waste,


Remember “Scraggly Weed”?




The neighborhood fuss-budgets won out….the bush has been hacked down to a stump.  I’m glad I memorialized it when I did.


As for what I’m doing now….just for fun, I’m doing glittery, rhinestoney, Pop Art portraits of celebrities.  Well, in all honesty, I’ve just done one so far: Michael Jackson.




I put it on Ebay to find out if I get any reaction.  I figure, I”ve got all this glitter and rhinestones left from the Namaste series, why not play?

Last August….Redux

I’m working on the project for the college students.  Right now, the winged foal is on hold.  And the date for the Artisan Market is fast approaching.

Not sure if I’m going  to get the date of April 6th off at this point.  The day job, the day job, that damn…..schedule difficulties at this point.  I’ll get to the artisan market….just now sure when.

However, in preparation for it, I went through my large originals to get them ready to show.  And then I came across the drawing I worked on last summer: “The Scraggly Weed”.  It had a fable that went with it, and I put many hours into it, only at the last to put aside what I had worked on, describing it in such terms as “Something out of ‘Little Shop of Horrors'”.  I ended up with a tamer version, and I posted, last summer, this as the finish.




Then, the other day, I found the first one I finished, and put aside and cursed.  As often happens, I looked at it and thought, now, that ain’t so bad.  So, here is the first finished version of “Scraggly Weed”.



And a detail:


Now I’m not sure which one I like….and maybe the comparisin to Audrey II is an entirely appropriate description of the Butterfly Plant.


And so, I leave my quandry to you, gentle readers.

Scraggly Weed Finish…I think

Not sure if I like this….It came out kind of spooky looking. It may end up in the flat file, never again to see the light of day. But, for what it’s worth….here’s the finish of Scraggly Weed.


In my diversified Queens neighborhood, action is being taken to remove the real life, scraggly weed. The Turkish man, whose garden is graced by this plant, stopped his car and started pantomiming to my landlord…..a lawn cutter, and trimming shears.

Then, my landlord went across the street to talk to our Irish neighbor. My landlord, like the Italian stereotype, talks with his hands. Not just his hands, his whole body. I could see in his moves, him describing the huge weed. If there was music, it could have been a ballet. The Irish neighbor, who has gardening tools, seemed unmoved.

But for those who haven’t visited Queens (there’s really not much reason to) here’s what our neighborhood looks like. It’s pretty typical.


Good night, Scraggly Weed

I’ve put aside Scraggly Weed for a while to be revisited. I got carried away, and the reference to Audrey II is accurate. It ended up looking like a demonic, carnivorous Christmas tree, and nothing scraggly about it. Maybe in the depths of winter I will revisit it, when I can be more objective about it.

Another thought about a slight incident that happened at Soundview Park. An adult man, maybe about 30, came looking for the free arts and crafts to do. What was there was aimed at children…the man was disappointed.

It occurred to me, that for many populations we provide the means of creative expression…children, mental health patients, senior citizens. However, if you’re not a person who is part of the needy, you’re flat out of luck when it comes to something so fufilling as creating art. Art supplies and lessons are expensive.

I was very lucky having come from a home where art was part of day to day life. I had the materials provided to me. And since I have no children, I had no other responsibilities for my money other than my own upkeep.

So, back to the man. Don’t really know much about him, but I thought about pulling him away quietly, and giving him a drawing lesson. I was too timid to do it.

It occurs to me that being able to do art enriches everyone’s life, so if I can figure out a way to do free art lessons to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get them? It’s in the back of my mind, for a project in the future.

As for my own art, now that Scraggly Weed is in suspended animation, that I go back to an old idea of mine. The background:

I used to have dreams about a sort of guardian angel who is a middle-aged, black woman. I started work on a portrait of her back just before I gave up art ENTIRELY! FOREVER! FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!….

So, I’m revisiting the idea. Rather than search for a new model, I’m going to update a portrait sample I started….that looked nothing like the subject I was drawing. It is, though, a convincing portrait of a black woman. And so, I will continue on “Black Madonna”.rosie