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I’m at it again.

Cat Pictures. I realize, at least for now, drawing small cat pictures is the most soothing thing for me. Sounds odd, I know, but it works, and it’s a lot cheaper than a vacation in Bermuda. I don’t know, can you even go to Bermuda under the current restrictions? I get so confused.

Of course, most of my drawings are of Pumpkin. I’ve lost most of my other cat references when I moved.

Sometimes, I think I could do little cat pictures for the rest of my life. Of course, I will really get awfully bored. But for a time of healing, it works.

Making Progress

It’s Imbolc for Pagans, and Groundhog day for the rest.  It’s the day that early signs of spring are celebrated..the beginning of the end of the long winter.


My cast is off, and I’m on to physical therapy. I can nearly write, which means I can nearly draw.  I’m typing normally again, in other words…badly.

peacejanThis also means, the time to start approaching galleries is almost here again.  I did a lot of research on galleries in the area, and in true Baldwin style, lost it.  Big redo coming up.


Happy Imbolc, everyone!


As the Smoke Clears….

Well, as you know, the election is over, and some people are happy,others not so much.  There are a lot of people analyzing, pontificating, threatening, and despairing.

What the best I saw on Social Media, was an ode to what each individual can do, to contribute to the world, and keep evil in its place.  So, I hope you will join me on this occasion, in whichever camp you were in, in an effort to heal the country and world, in whatever way is in your abilities.

So, I’m posting a rerun of an illustration I did for a young man.  The message is pretty obvious….so, I part for the day with this:


Path to…uncertainty.

So (At the risk of sounding redundant), I have finished a drawing, and I don’t know whether I like it or not.  Do you see a common theme running through my posts?  Anyway, as usual, I’ll put it away for a while, work on something else for a while.  Then I’ll come back to it, and redo it. Or not.

Anyway, working as a healer is getting to be more of a reality. I’ve got my massage table, brochure and business cards.  So, all I need are clients.  Technicalities, huh?

Here is..what’s the name of it?  I guess “Path”.20160615_180430

Now How the Heck Am I Going to Handle This?

Finally got some work done on, what I shall title, “King of the Beasts”.  Here’s a work-in-progress shot.



What is it that I need to handle?  I’m working from a photograph, with the stuffed animals stopping in the image before I stop my drawing.  In other words, I have a lot of empty space to fill, that has to fit the format, so I have to improvise.  And that, people, is where artistry steps in and keeps one from just copying a photograph.

As for my long absence…yes, working, two jobs for this week.  I’m finally coming up for air.  I’m realizing that a lot of my issues have resolved themselves.  Just like waking up from a long nights sleep, as I was focusing on work, my subconscious was functioning, smoothing things out in the background.  I feel more secure, and my feet more solidly on the ground than it was three months ago.

However, I would NOT want to do it, again.

I’m being followed by a Moonshadow

My friend finally got her belated birthday gift.  In case you didn’t see this in the comments, this is what she said about the portrait I did of her dog, Moonshadow.


I don’t know if my other post made it over here, so.

A man in a brown truck just left a large flat package outside of my back door. I am in tears right now. That is my “Baby Girl”, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2013. She was a natural Healer who was drawn to those who needed healing. She was my fur baby, a mutt dog.



Down and Dirty

Time to get down and dirty, back to the nitty-gritty, and other last generation cliches….

Wasn’t my art supposed to be about healing?

As I rush around producing merchandise for shows, and feel the angst of the approach of another Christmas Rush in retail….

Something stopped me, and told me to get back to my priorities.

I’ve been saying an affirmation in the morning that compassion and love will guide me, and that I be in alignment with the flow of life.

So maybe it’s time to do affirmations that my artwork is also in alignment with compassion and healing.  So, I will start….in addition to my charity donations.  So, I’m starting another leg of the journey.

Oh, and yes, no holiday drawings yet….but here’s some of my best spring/summer art to bring back good memories….as we approach the winter solstice.






That’s enough for now.  Stay warm.

Last August….Redux

I’m working on the project for the college students.  Right now, the winged foal is on hold.  And the date for the Artisan Market is fast approaching.

Not sure if I’m going  to get the date of April 6th off at this point.  The day job, the day job, that damn…..schedule difficulties at this point.  I’ll get to the artisan market….just now sure when.

However, in preparation for it, I went through my large originals to get them ready to show.  And then I came across the drawing I worked on last summer: “The Scraggly Weed”.  It had a fable that went with it, and I put many hours into it, only at the last to put aside what I had worked on, describing it in such terms as “Something out of ‘Little Shop of Horrors'”.  I ended up with a tamer version, and I posted, last summer, this as the finish.




Then, the other day, I found the first one I finished, and put aside and cursed.  As often happens, I looked at it and thought, now, that ain’t so bad.  So, here is the first finished version of “Scraggly Weed”.



And a detail:


Now I’m not sure which one I like….and maybe the comparisin to Audrey II is an entirely appropriate description of the Butterfly Plant.


And so, I leave my quandry to you, gentle readers.