My Hanging

Having nothing exciting to do on a Sunday on a holiday weekend, I figured I’d post.  Maybe there are actually some people like myself, who, sadly, have nothing better to do than browse the internet.

Yesterday, I hung my show.  These things never go smoothly, but as time goes on, it gets easier.  I had the help of Dearly Beloved, who thankfully took over and did most of the work.

The fellows who work in Birch Coffee were busy closing up after the day.  I felt bad at first that I was keeping them there late, but turns out, it takes them a long time to close.  The cleaning man and the manager were still there when we left.

I found a few things out….the signs that I so carefully made to go with the drawings were way too big for the walls.  I will have to go back and change them.  Also, the frames that I thought all matched, didn’t.  My idea was to have a very professional looking show with a consistent look.  Didn’t look all that bad really.

Got home, and ate a lot of black raspberry ice cream for dinner.

Now, I have some time on my hands. I still have things to do for the reception, but I’m taking a rest and doing neglected tasks.  I actually cleaned in my studio!  Believe it or not.

And then, I got some work done on “Construction”.  Here is a shot of how it stands,now;


Happy Labor Day everyone!  I’ll be selling pastries.

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