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My Big Break

The art reception is over, and now I’m a famous artist!  Or, not, depends on how delusional I am on any given day.

The reception went well.  Turned out to be just a few friends, and we all had a nice visit.

Just what I was expecting, I don’t know.  I was incredibly anxious on the way to Birch Coffee, and on the verge of hyperventilating.  Frankly, I was going back and forth between visions of having all my work down,lined up against the wall, and being instructed to get it the hell out!  Or the other swing, a crowd of people, just waiting to meet the newly discovered great artist.  So, everything turned out okay, no complaints here.

Thanks to all my friends who came.

The one thing left, is which picture will be left behind.  As part of the agreement, Birch Coffee will take one of my drawings in exchange for displaying my work.  I kept the work out of the shop that I really wanted to keep.

Bets from my friends as to which will go: House at Sunrise



I should start a pool.

Another thing I’ve decided, is to make “Embracing my Inner Cat”, as not for sale.  I’ve started using it as a trademark, and also, it is a picture of my dear cat, Hannako.  For those of you who have never seen it:

“Construction” had been finished, but I’m waiting for better light to photograph it.

I’m showing!

Today’s the day of the reception, and it’s been a busy week.  Other events have taken me away from preparations for the show….a leaky kitchen pipe, and my cat has a bad tooth.

So, the show is tonight, and I’m rolling change to buy wine.  Money that I thought I’d have by today hasn’t come through.

So, things are a little tense right now, but I’m determined to have a good show.

For those of you who might not recognize Birch Coffee, it’s right near the Gershwin Hotel, and next to the Museum of Sex.


My Hanging

Having nothing exciting to do on a Sunday on a holiday weekend, I figured I’d post.  Maybe there are actually some people like myself, who, sadly, have nothing better to do than browse the internet.

Yesterday, I hung my show.  These things never go smoothly, but as time goes on, it gets easier.  I had the help of Dearly Beloved, who thankfully took over and did most of the work.

The fellows who work in Birch Coffee were busy closing up after the day.  I felt bad at first that I was keeping them there late, but turns out, it takes them a long time to close.  The cleaning man and the manager were still there when we left.

I found a few things out….the signs that I so carefully made to go with the drawings were way too big for the walls.  I will have to go back and change them.  Also, the frames that I thought all matched, didn’t.  My idea was to have a very professional looking show with a consistent look.  Didn’t look all that bad really.

Got home, and ate a lot of black raspberry ice cream for dinner.

Now, I have some time on my hands. I still have things to do for the reception, but I’m taking a rest and doing neglected tasks.  I actually cleaned in my studio!  Believe it or not.

And then, I got some work done on “Construction”.  Here is a shot of how it stands,now;


Happy Labor Day everyone!  I’ll be selling pastries.

Less than sparkling and FREE GIFTS!

Putting together an art show can really sap your energy and creativity.

I’m still enthusiastic about “Construction”, but I’m too tired and distracted to work on it right now.

I went to Birch Coffee (5 East 27th Street) to check the space out again. I was worried before whether I’d have enough art to fill the walls, now I think I may have too much.

I’ve been busy putting together little things to give away to attendees, and this is what I’ve come up with:

Refrigerator Magnet:




Limited Edition signed and number art cards, 2.5 by 3.5 inches:


Gotta come up with some money for refreshments.  There’s still time.

Remember, 7-9 pm September 6 is the reception.