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My Mother Would Have a Fit

As I looked at this, after a break, my mother’s voice came to me. “The composition is terrible! It’s too even. The butterflies and flowers should overlap! What do you think you’re doing?”

My mother passed away nearly 20 years ago, so I think it’s probably time I stopped listening to her. This has a firework type of composition. I think it will work fine. Sometimes, you just have to break the rules.

Since most of the butterflies that are attracted to this plant are Monarchs, there is a lot of orange (of course, not Prismacolor orange) in the composition. Therefore, the foliage is going to be a bit on the bluish green side, to compliment that. So, here’s the start.scragglyweedwip1

Another project of mine (and other artists, feel free to use the idea) for self-promotion….small magnets that I can give out on the street as free souveniers of New York City. The trick? My website address is on them. My plan is to stand across the street from the Plaza Hotel, and hand them out to tourists. Wearing my tie-dye sunhat. The weather has been upwards of 90 degrees Farenheigt, though, and very humid, so this project will have to wait.


The Scraggly Weed

The MS Bike Ride is turned over, so I can get a fresh look at it for final touches. Then, in the meantime….here’s a fable.

The Scraggly Weed

Away, on a very small street, in a very small neighborhood, in a very big city, there was a row of houses. In front of each house, was a tiny yard for a garden. And in front of every house, except one, was a tidy garden.

One garden was overgrown and untended. It was the scandal of the neighborhood. People kept making tsk-tsk noises, and wondered what kind of a man it was who would not tend his garden.

In the midst of the unkempt plants was a scraggly weed. It started out short, and began to grow. Soon, it was as big as a tree. The neighbors were appalled. This was the the worst outrage of all.

A couple of weeks later, the scraggly weed bloomed. White, tuftty blossoms poked out in all directions.

And on top of it all, the newly flowering plant attracted butterflies. Tons and tons of butterflies encircled the plant, landing on the flowers to collect the nectar.

The neighbors never said another word.

And so, I introduce the idea for my next drawing…….weed

So, we meet again…..

I know it’s been a while. Life, no actually Facebook, got in the way.  You know, you can neglect a lot of important things getting caught up in the drama of your friends.  I went cold turkey for a couple of days, and now I visit infrequently.  So, as a result, I finished the full-size  “Pocket Paradise”.  I’m quite pleased with it. 

I’ve decided that since I don’t have the money to be a philanthropist, I’ll do what I can with my art.  More charitable donations, more pro bono work.  I’m still very interested in leaving the world a better place for me having been here.  Maybe this is the way to get art to heal.



Pocket Paradise WIP

Here’s the first step in the large “Pocket Paradise”. I have the flag done, but realize, I don’t have the stripes a consistent width. I’m going to keep it that way….that’s the true impression the flag gives, and my work is interpretive, after all.

Had a rejection from a juried show, but was invited to resubmit according to what the curator’s vision for the show is. What can I do? My work is my work, I can’t make it something it’s not. So I opted not to resubmit. Thankfully, I have gotten a tough skin for rejection, and I’m very aware I have plenty of people who like my work as it is. I sent her a nice note despite this. Good not to burn bridges.pocketwip1