A Day in the Life, and a Work in Progress

Damn!  This is the first day off from work I’ve had in seven days.  I had forgotten how precious free time is when you work full time.

Most important thing done today, laundry.  Honestly, I couldn’t have gone any longer without washing clothes, unless I turned them inside out and wore them that way.  As it was, I was thanking God, Jesus, Buddha, whoever and whatever that the dress code for my job is all black, and that I have to wear a large apron which covers the shiny coffee spill spots.  So, done.  In the song, “Sunday Morning Coming Down”, Kris Kristoferson sang about “putting on my cleanest dirty shirt.  So it has been.  So, now I don’t have to worry about it for how many months?

But the good part of the day is I got to work on this drawing.  Here’s a work in progress shot.  Since I really want to highlight the center of the porch, I may not go much further with this.



Also, I don’t like ‘Fourth of July’ as a title.  So, I’m open to suggestions for a better name….

4 responses to “A Day in the Life, and a Work in Progress”

  1. I can definitely relate. Free time is rare and precious and let’s face it no one likes doing laundry. Mine piles up too. Love the drawing.

    1. Thanks…it would be so much easier if we had a washer dryer in the apartment. As it is, washing clothes involves going to an (ugh), laundromat. Oh, to be able to put the clothes in the machine, go off and do something else and know that your laundry is safe. As it is, it involves staying in dreary place with nothing to do, except watch the clothes go round and round.

      1. Oh yeah me too… We only have two washers and two driers in our building and someone is always using them. So a visit to the laundromat becomes an event. I entertain myself with a sketchbook and colored pencils.

  2. You must have good concentration to be able to keep your mind on drawing.

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