Which is more awesome?

I’m getting started on the 5×7 layout for the Grand Central Station pic. Don’t have a title for it yet. I have a black and white pencil outline, and I’m contemplating the color scheme. Since sunlight is such a big player in this picture, I have to decide how best to express that.

Then there’s the young woman. I like the mystery of just showing her back, as I did in this oldie but goodie, Prewar.


So, here’s my dilemma. For those of you who read “The Fountainhead” by Aynn Rand, you will remember the part when Howard Roark is commissioned to do a building celebrating the glory of humankind. Instead of a spacious, open cathedral like building that the buyers envisioned, he designed a building with very low ceilings to make a visitor feel large and important….so, here’s the dilemma. Do I make the young woman large and the most important thing in the drawing? Or do I make her dwarfed by the size of the train terminal. Stay tuned.

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