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The Meaning of Life is Rain Puddles

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention…..

Here’s an update on “Tiger in the Jungle”. It’s coming out lower key than I intended, but I expect when I go over it with the blender, it will pop. Also, I’m at a very tedious point, the background. It would be good to listen to my iPod during this…but I lost the charger. Dammit.


Also, I did an art show, doing portraits. Had 13 customers. So, I know in the right venue, this works. Here’s my partial set-up.


And, as usual, I’m itching to get started on the new picture. When the Twin Towers were standing, twice a year, the sun would set between them….kind of a World Trade Center Solstice. I once tried to take a picture of that with a film camera, and a zoom lens, but it came out terribly blurry. And now, the opportunity is lost forever. *sigh*. But that’s what I intend to do with this drawing.

By the way, I was kidding about the meaning of life being rain puddles. Everyone knows the meaning of life is 42.

A Healing Peace….

Tiger in the Jungle is coming along nicely, but not enough progress to warrant a pic at this point. As I’m working at it, I already know what my next picture will be.

The anniversary of September 11 just passed. I wanted last spring to do something healing for the people affected by it, by drawing the new Freedom Tower. However, looking at my FB page, I realized many people, especially in the NYC area, are still processing the trauma.

So, for them, I’m doing a picture based on this photo my boyfriend took many years ago from our picture window. I remember the smoke rising from the empty area in the sky where this view used to be, and the smell of burning plastic wafting across the river.

So, here’s the photo reference, for September 10.569

Maybe Life IS a Series of Overflowing Toilets….

Yesterday, a FB friend quoted someone as saying “Life is a series of overflowing toilets”. Such negative thinking (or so I implied) compounds itself. But right now, life ain’t going so well.

Just got over a case of the flu, so I’m sure that’s tainting my outlook. I’ve put a lot of things up on Ebay, but I think that’s an act of desperation, and sending out the wrong signals to The Powers That Be, or whatever you believe.

Anyway, artwork is going slow. So, I bring you a repeat of the drawing I did a long time ago, as a positive visualization to get money. It’s called, Wealth.


Taking it in small bites

My intention in starting “Tiger in the Jungle’, was, as I did in “Pocket Paradise”, was to treat each leaf as a small meditation in itself. However, stress over money and unemployment does not facilitate a particularly Zen state of mind. So, I’m taking this very slowly. Otherwise, I’m going to end up with messy, sloppy leaves.

I received my sales tax certificate, yesterday. That means, I can legally set up selling my work on the street. I do have some items I need to buy first…..a four foot table, mats, tarps, and more ink cartridges. Since no job seems to be forthcoming to pay for these…..Ouch, my retirement account.

So, here’s a glimpse of the progress of “Tiger in the Jungle”.


Scraggly Weed Finish…I think

Not sure if I like this….It came out kind of spooky looking. It may end up in the flat file, never again to see the light of day. But, for what it’s worth….here’s the finish of Scraggly Weed.


In my diversified Queens neighborhood, action is being taken to remove the real life, scraggly weed. The Turkish man, whose garden is graced by this plant, stopped his car and started pantomiming to my landlord…..a lawn cutter, and trimming shears.

Then, my landlord went across the street to talk to our Irish neighbor. My landlord, like the Italian stereotype, talks with his hands. Not just his hands, his whole body. I could see in his moves, him describing the huge weed. If there was music, it could have been a ballet. The Irish neighbor, who has gardening tools, seemed unmoved.

But for those who haven’t visited Queens (there’s really not much reason to) here’s what our neighborhood looks like. It’s pretty typical.


I hate being put on hold…

Things are on hold for a while. My day job got unbearable, so I quit. So, now my energy is being taken looking for a new job. Although I have a lot of time, I can’t seem to focus on my art work.

I may take the plunge! If no job offers come in soon, I might set myself up on some tourist crowded street in Manhattan, and sell inexpensive reproductions of my work. I figured out a way to make matted 5×7’s for $2, and I can sell them at $5. And who knows, maybe someone will want the original.

One problem though….some of my most popular images I no longer have possession of. And the only high-res files I have of them are on an old picture CD from 1997. Yes, last millenium. They were such an old file type, that none of my programs could open them. Then my awesome boyfriend found a way. Did I mention that my boyfriend is awesome?

So, once again, I can bring to life these oldies to people who would enjoy them.



Ladies and Gentlemen! The long awaited comeback of “A Shaman’s Bear”, and “A Western Tao”.