I have absolutely nothing to show you….but……

I’m working on “Making Peace with January”, and so far, it’s very pale…it would not show up very well.  I’m doing glazes with the colored pencil, building up to what I call a Pisces Gray, made up of a lot of colors, but the eye blends them into gray.  It’s a livelier gray than just using gray.

Recently I showed my website to someone, and she said “Wow, you have so many picture…..”.  I always thought I worked slowly, in the past, I would only get four drawings done in a year.  I was a grueling perfectionist, and eventually the guell tired me out.  I gave up art for a while.

But now, I have so many!  I’ve gotten over my perfectionism, my work hasn’t suffered (take note all you blocked artists out there).  And as of recently…I’ve discovered doing artwork has gotten much easier.  So easy, in fact, that I can’t believe it’s any good….but at least, it doesn’t seem bad.

The reason I post this, is that I know there are a lot of artists who need a bit of encouragement, and maybe my sharing would be helpful.  As one psychologist said….break it down into reasonable chunks.  Just do 15 minutes a day, if that’s all you can stand.  But 15 minutes daily adds up, and before you know it, you have a work of art! And then day, by day, the months go by, and you have a body of work.

So, maybe I do have something to show you….My old work from my perfectionist days.


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