New Age

Positive visualization is one tool that is mentioned in New Age philosophy to gain what you desire. Another one is affirmations. I’ve tried both, and I’ve the question remains..if these really work, why am I still an poor, unknown artist? I think there are mental blocks which making positive visions and thoughts can’t erase. In other words, If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?

So I do my work simply to record what I find beautiful, now. Here’s one of my uncomplicated all time favorites, “Cloud Over Greenwich”. It’s from a vision I had while meditating in Greenwich, Connecticut apartment.

Another positive visualization

Here’s another sample of trying positive visualization through artwork. This example is mixed. In search of a significant other, I designed a drawing of the Perfect Masculine. Truth is, I did find someone (named Richard), but so much later, I don’t know if it could be considered cause and effect. Anyway, here’s the piece, note the masculine elements in it…the peacock feathers, the lion in the full moon. This is titled “Richard, Before I Knew Him”.