Collectors’ Art Summit

I picked up my pictures at “The place where we live”, and delivered a couple to another show.  This one is the “Harlem Art Gala”, and it takes place Saturday September 3, 2011 between 2 and 6 pm.  It’s at Our Children’s Foundation at 527 West 125th Street, here in New York City.

It’s an interesting concept, in that all buyers of artwork end up in shares of a corporation called the Collectors’ Art Summit.  Artists whose work sells also get shares.  The idea that is if the sold work increases in value, the shareholders all profit.

What I have entered are my pictures “House at Sunrise” and “Guardians”.

You can find out more about the Collectors Art Summit at Collectors Art Summit.

As always, my work can be seen at

One response to “Collectors’ Art Summit”

  1. Roxanne is not only Elected Artists, but stockholder of Collectors Art Summit., Inc.

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