Art for art’s sake

Started work on a new piece today, the first 5×7 sketch of it at least.  Not really enough to show that’s all that’s interesting, but I will be working a healing theme into.

You may wonder why I’m so obsessed with having art heal.  The truth is, I think it’s really pretty vain to do artwork of just what you feel like, and expect others to want it.  True, there’s a possibility of giving pleasure to your viewers.  I would like my work to do something more.

I would like my work in some way to contribute to the well-being of the community.  A lot of artists feel that way, so you will see a lot of  artists using their work to make people aware of problems, or to express the artist’s feelings to get other people to have those feelings, too.  That’s one way in which art can contribute.  I want, however, to do something a little more positive, so I look for ways to heal with my work.

Speaking of artwork contributing, or not contributing, Christo is going to be doing a project on the Arkansas River in Colorado.  It involves suspending cloth over the river. The BLM approved it, but I have my questions on whether it will impact the environment.

Here is a website of a group that thinks there will be a negative environmental impact, and their point of view.   It’s something to think about.

ROAR Colorado

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