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Positive Visualization

There has been much talk among New Age enthusiasts, and recently, even those in the mainstream about positive visualization as a method to getting what you want in life.  I’m not so sure about the truth of this, I think perhaps one must be clear of all negative thoughts to get it to work.

I figured since art was a way of concentrating on an image, shouldn’t it possibly be a tool for positive visualization?  I am posting some examples of my experiments, with notes on whether they worked or not.

The first one I’m posting definitely did not work.  It was a try at financial prosperity, and I’m still struggling with money problems.  This is “Wealth”.


I have put “Autumn Song” away for a while, and will revisit it again soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d display something that I’ve never shown before. I have a collection of mineral spheres. One day, for drawing practice when I was burned out of ideas, I did this.

First Step: Autumn

I’m working on a new piece,  “Autumn Song”.  I miss the turning of leaves I used to get in Connecticut.  Fall used to be a time of tangy apple cider, pumpkins, and crisp cool weather.  I’m trying to capture some of that here, and also a tribute to long held love and relationships.

Here is the aceo, the basic block in.


I’m still working on Sentinel, which is near completion.

I’m waiting to hear back about a juried show. I’m not sure if I’ve been accepted into it or not, or whether there is more for me to do to be selected. I emailed, no answer.

Since I’m so fond of putting flowers in the sky, I did this, just for fun.

More Sycamore pictures

I’ve been taking sick time from work, and not getting much done in artwork either.

From my apartment in Queens, I can see Manhattan in the distance during the winter. In the warmer weather, the old sycamore blocks the view. I believe I have posted one summer picture of the sycamore, here’s one of the winter ones, where I try to capture the mood of a gray winter’s day. I did two of these, and I’m not sure which one is more successful.