More Coney Island and some thoughts

It seemed to me I wrote, somewhere, a whole lot about whether art could heal or not. I can’t find it, maybe it’s on Facebook (social networking gets so confusing!), but I decided not to repeat myself.

I did some soul-searching today after my stint cat sitting, and wondered just what I should do with my time. Should I go back to Reiki and healing? Is art just a vain use of time? I decided to really explore the idea, practically, of art as healer. Healing for the viewer, not just myself.

I decided that I should continue with the idea of modern archetypes. After all, if they can be healing in dreams, can’t they be in art, too? The problem is, I just don’t know how to go about it. I guess this is a question of just doing, mindfully doing, and seeing what happens.

In the meantime, I did some more work on Coney Island/Wonder Wheel. I figure I’ll finish that before I try anything else. Here’s where it stands at 4:30 pm, EDT.

"Ferris Wheel"
More Coney Island Work-in-Progress

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