Every So Often, Once in a While

Sometimes, I get the urge to do something experimental. No, not leaving some poor dog to starve on a gallery floor. Can you believe that? Someone actually did that.

My experiments are well within the parameters of my usual style. Sometimes, they’re a success, and sometimes, damn it, they’re dismal failures:

The featured picture all the way up top is the latest, and I feel it came out pretty well. I’m not sure if it’s better than what I normally would have done, but done is done.

Another cloud drawing. This is Cloud Over I-84. I’ve done a lot of cloud drawings, and I hope that doesn’t mean I’m an airhead. If so, I’ll own it. I’m an airhead, and I’m proud of it.

All in all, my favorite is still the first one, shown above. Cloud Over Greenwich, CT. I must say no one seems much to like it. I made several reproductions of it, and almost can’t give them away.

Oh, yes, yesterday was my birthday and coincidently St. Gertrude’s Day, the patron saint of cats.

To see more of my work, go to http://roxannebaldwingallery.com

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