Violated My Own Rule!

Bob Ross always said, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. In my latest attempt, I was happy accidenting all over the place.

My usual rule is: Don’t draw when you’re absorbed with other things. I violated my own rule. I do have an idea of how to salvage it, but not today.

I do have something more to explore, though.

A good friend of mine said that I should be writing about where I am when I get an idea for a picture, what’s going on in my life, and what’s my inspiration.

Whenever I’ve seen an artist do that, it turns out to be verbose and uninteresting.

Okay, here we go…and I’ll try not to be verbose.

I was hiking around my condo complex trying to get some exercise, as I do every few months or so. One time, I spotted something interesting on one of the curves. Someone had restored an old Ford, and had it up for sale! I meant to go home, and grab some money, when it occurred to me that I couldn’t use it, because I don’t know how to drive.

I couldn’t get over the beauty of the old thing. It had curves and characteristics that you just don’t see today. Time and time again, I saw that car.

Finally decided to draw it. The season was early fall, and it seemed to me to be a perfect backdrop for an aging car.

So, that’s the story behind “Out to Pasture”.

This is the sketch. I actually like it better than the finish.

If you like my work, see more at Roxanne Baldwin Gallery.

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