W.I.P. it Good!

While I was in the aforementioned quandary, I decided it would be best to do something, anything at wall, even a failure than nothing.

So, I decided to do the red on green, entitled, for the time being “First Fall Tree”

Well, I didn’t like it…kind of boooooring, with no trace of man or other fauna. So, I decided, since it’s an autumn drawing to put in some birds flying south.

I didn’t like this either, the composition with the birds just looked wrong. So, I went into manic series of works in progress.

I did this:

I was feeling the heaviness of artistic failure. Sighing, I stopped taking pictures, feeling I’d never reach a satisfactory completion of the autumn tree. So, I had some coffee and went to bed. That didn’t work very well, either.

I took one more picture et voila!

I’m not sure if those are crows or bats, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the end of October, getting close to Halloween, or Samhain as some of use observe.

So, Spooky Tree!

If you’d like to see more of my work, go to http://roxannebaldwingallery.com

Happy Halloweeeeen!

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