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Alfred Hitchcock Strikes Again!

Or maybe it’s Bob Marley’s talking birds saying not to worry. Anyway, birds. Again.

We’re into autumn now, soon to take a turn into winter. I will be away for Halloween, visiting and celebrating with a friend in the Midwest.

Crows make a great subject for Halloween, and fall in general.

And winter, for that matter.

20×16, colored pencil on rag paper

But back to fall, and birds. Specifically, crows.

I understand there is an organization called “Birds on a Wire”. If I have the facts right, it’s a support group for mothers raising children. Sounds like a good idea to me, in these modern times, where extended families are not part of life. For that matter, in my childhood we had close neighborhoods, and the support group was made up by the mothers therein. Of course, everyone in the neighborhood was a little nuts, so that didn’t work so well.

This drawing has nothing to do with “Birds on a Wire”. It doesn’t even have anything to do with a wayback song called “Wichita Lineman”. It does have everything to do with fall and crows.

“Still on the Line”, comes from the song “Wichita Lineman'”. I guess I liked that song when I was little.

I have tried hard over the years to capture the crisp fall weather and the crisp contrast of the bright orange tree against a pure blue sky. I think I finally may have done it. One down on my Bucket List of Art!

But Wichita! Witches! I told you this was about Halloween, or Samhain, if you prefer.

And Birds.

“On the Line”, small drawing

6×4 inch light resistant colored pencil drawing, on archival 100% cotton rag paper. Matted to 10×8 inches for easy framing.


Happy Halloween, Samhain,….or October 31

Sad to say, I have to take a bit of a break from drawing…I’m having trouble with my thumb due to a repetitive motion injury.  I can’t grasp a pencil very well….but fortunately, I can type one finger at a time.  I can’t let this day go by without some commemoration.

So,  tomorrow is November…for me, a very unpleasant month.  A few years ago, I did a drawing “Making Peace with November”.  So, while I nurse my playing hand, I will leave you with a revisit.



Merry Christmas…..Oh, Wait!

Yes, it’s only October, and Halloween is still a couple of weeks away….but anyone who has a large portion of business in the dreaded fourth quarter, is gearing up for the onslaught.  That is me, for instance, in my day job.  Soon, I’ll be concentrating on my little quick holiday cards..no time for anything else….

But in the meantime, I have been working, sporadically, though it may be.  My late summer/early fall drawing “Black-eyed Susans”.  I have the notion that there is more I should do to it, but I’m not sure what…so I say the heck with it, and present it to you now.



If I don’t get back before then…..Happy Halloween!