I Should Explain….

Here’s the latest: “Fireflies in July

If that looks familiar to you, and maybe it doesn’t, I’ll explain anyway. It may remind you of this:

That’s because I’m drawing something very familiar to me, which is the porches in this condo complex….so, you see, there’s a good reason for this repetition. Not a particularly interesting reason, but a reason nontheless.

Which brings to mind a heavy question….in a real, practical sense, what it art for anyway. I’ve always assumed that my art is for hanging up on the wall of a residence, although some of my work I doubt would make it to that glory. It’s true as many artists say, that sometimes things sell that the artist never guess would. So, I go on, drawing what I like and hope someone will like it too.

But what about sharks in formaldehyde? Bananas taped to walls? Do you keep them in your huge living room, and keep replacing the banana? Paintings and drawings seem to be much more practical.

Some of the drawing that are orphans….sad pieces of art with no place to go.

Of course, when I was cat sitting I saw some remarkable art in people’s homes. One I am pretty sure was a real charcoal sketch by Degas. Other than that, I saw a painting of pair of salmon steaks on a grill with a pat of butter. Wow, that blew my mind away. Who, though, would ever have thought of that for subject matter?

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