• Ringing Out the Bad

    Ringing Out the Bad

    I used to have a tradition at New Year to post my worst drawing of the previous year. It was meant as a twist on everyone posting the best. But I drifted away from it. Why? I don’t know. Maybe too much to choose from? One thing about being prolific is that you have proportionately…

  • I Should Explain….

    I Should Explain….

    Here’s the latest: “Fireflies in July If that looks familiar to you, and maybe it doesn’t, I’ll explain anyway. It may remind you of this: That’s because I’m drawing something very familiar to me, which is the porches in this condo complex….so, you see, there’s a good reason for this repetition. Not a particularly interesting…

  • What do I do, Now?

    What do I do, Now?

    As I was saying, there’s something in this drawing that catches my imagination. But, now what? I had no idea where to take it. All I knew, is that I didn’t want to set it in New York city. So where then? Rural? Another city? Suburban? All I could come up with were either boring…

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