Nothing Doing

According to Blog writing wisdom, you should wait until you have something interesting to write before you post.

Other Blog writing wisdom says you should write on a regular basis, so you don’t lose your audience. Preferably once a week, at your busiest time. Which works out to be early Tuesday evening. So, here I am. Hello!

I wonder where the week went. I thought back and realized I was working out the excruciating details on this wobbly merry-go-round.

So, I’m about to start the full size finished drawing, and I’m at the point of wondering why the heck do I want to do this in the first place?

I’ve done a drawing or two of carousels before, but not in much realism.

I like the idea of drawing a merry -go-round, but I need to be stubborn and grit my teeth. I can be pretty stubborn when I want to be. Question is, do I want to be?

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