• Conventional Wisdom

    Conventional Wisdom

    Sorry, I meant to post on Tuesday, as a routine day. This Tuesday, I was unable to get to it. But here it is Wednesday, better late than never! Speaking of conventional wisdom, for artists at least. The question so many artists ask is, what sells the best? Everyone, (you know that everyone) says to…

  • Nothing Doing

    Nothing Doing

    According to Blog writing wisdom, you should wait until you have something interesting to write before you post. Other Blog writing wisdom says you should write on a regular basis, so you don’t lose your audience. Preferably once a week, at your busiest time. Which works out to be early Tuesday evening. So, here I…

  • Back to the Day Job

    Back to the Day Job

    Here’s a shot of the mall, where I work. There’s a carousal, which probably came from the old state fair for which Danbury, CT was known. I’ve done some drawing of the carousal, as this one: And this one: In a sudden turn of subject, there’s a song that was popular in the 60’s……….The Windmills…

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