Shakin’ It Up

Thought I’d try something different for a change. I know, I know, I often say I’m going to change my artwork, do one different picture, then back to the same old stuff. So, I’m just going to, as I wrote, try.

So, I finally did do a version of the small airplane that I like. I don’t know if I posted the ghastly attempt I did before, but if I didn’t. Good.

I also photographed it better. I start using the ring, you know, the kind of light people use for podcasts. Tried one, too. One lesson I learned, if you are going to do a video of yourself, make sure your hair is clean and styled. you’ve got a touch of makeup on if you wear it, and don’t aim your phone up your nostrils. Oh, yes, and have something in mind to say. Those are the Roxanne Baldwin’s do’s and don’ts of a proper self-video.

If you have read my bio, no worries if you didn’t, you’ll know my first exposure to art was illustration. So, I tried an illustration of what else? A cat. Cat lovers will know how much cats love getting in the way of their masters, by depositing themselves in front of the computer, especially on the keyboard. If you’re not a cat person, believe me, that’s what cats do.

I don’t know if I posted this, but it’s the final of the bike lover. I’m not sure it looks any better than the original, which I thought looked a little like a bicyclist on a bowling lane.

This is the newer version. It does look like asphalt. It did seem like a law of art, beware! Asphalt looks ugly however you draw it.

So, as you can see, I’ve been busy trying different things! For now, at least.

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