And the Story Continues…

So, I’ve been reading and listening to all sorts of tips to sell my art. My head is spinning around now, and I frequently ask myself? Is this worth it? The answer is yes, it’s been what I’ve wanted all my life. That is, if I don’t want to be really pissed off on my deathbed.

In a change of subject, here’s the drawing I sold:

"Ferris Wheel"

One really hot summer day, I took the subway to Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY to get the reference picture for that. Take me back a long way.

Otherwise, I’ve been doing the smaller drawing and then….even smaller drawings, due to the recommendation that goes for all business…have something for every price point.

Then of course, there’s this:

Kind of a mix-up on that one, I wanted to do the drawing of the leaves in a different color. Why? You ask.

According to more art business wisdom, people don’t buy green art. I don’t know how true this is, or even where I heard this. It just make sense to me, if you want to match a room, I doubt that many people have green living rooms. The thought of sitting in one for very long makes me queasy.

The drawing is kind of pretty though.

As for having something in every price point, that includes having something in the area of $1000+, as well. That pretty much would have to be something as big as a small mural. HOWEVER! They do not make paper that size. I would have to buy hardboard that costs at least $100, or even more. At that price, I’m getting hives wondering just what I would draw at that size or expense.

As a comparison, I painted something that large when I got out of high school. I charged $100 for it.

I have no picture of it, but I do have this:

I did a large mural of this at the high school I was going to in my junior year. Happy times.

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