Deep Six It

Remember the drawing of the person on the bike that I did in last week’s post? I decided with the orange and yellowy stripes, it looked more like a person on a bicycle plowing a wheat field. So, with a purpose to make the asphalt look more like asphalt, I diddled around with it. Then it looked like a freshly planted pea field, then it looked like asphalt, but messy, icky asphalt. Could it be that it’s impossible to make asphalt look photogenic?

So, I haven’t really deep sixed it yet. I may give it another try before I put it completely in the crypt.

So, I’ve moved on.

Chevy Truck on Route 7

As you can tell, it’s a small drawing, but I’m putting it aside for a while before I do a big finished drawing. I’m looking more into what it takes to actually sell art…and how to dodge low spots. We’re coming to one, every prediction says “Inflation” and “Recession”. I’m going to cover my pink and shiny by making more affordable by making it smaller. I’m just going to be more choosy about what I do as large pieces…just for now.

Which brings me to the art festival, and everyone loved my work. Except they blanched at the price. One of course was a little girl whose mother refused to buy it for her:

Understood. Didn’t everyone one want something only to be turned down by Mom?

Then there was one who said she wanted to buy one, but when I told her the price, she said “I’ll be right back!”. I never saw her again.

Then there was the guy who just gushed over the winged horse. He said he’d be back to buy it, but also never returned. It was framed, and the price was higher.

Another piece, another no sale.

I’ve sold these under different circumstances. I came to the conclusion they’re not in the impulse (yes, second and second more, I’m in retail sales) price bracket. Gotta work that out.

So, what this is coming to, is that I’m spending more time thinking about my business. Going to keep this blog as marketing free as possible, with the exception of a little drawing for sale on the bottom.

And here goes:

Spring leaves on Maple Tree

7×5 matted to 10×8 inches. Lightfast colored pencil drawing on archival 100% cotton rag paper. Item temporarily marked down from $35 to $25. Postage included in the United States.


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